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  • Will AMCap work with Windows 10?
    Yes, AMCap will work on Windows 10 as long as the device you're using is connected and installed properly on your Windows 10 operating system... Read more
  • AMCap parameter errors
    You encounter a blue screen error because of the capture driver. It's either not supported, not compatible or bugged. The first thing to try is to re-install... Read more


AMCap is a small yet fully functional video capture application compatible with Microsoft DirectShow (formerly ActiveMovie, hence the name). It is based on the sample AMCap source code from the Microsoft DirectX 9 SDK. I added many features that I was requested, including:

Still capture (Ctrl+L) in BMP, JPEG and PNG
Support for compression (Windows Media 9 Series only)
Remember Video Input, Video Standard and Video size from previous session
Full screen mode (ALT+Enter)
Support for multi-monitor (using VMR9)
Caption bar and menu on/off (F11)
Always on top feature (F12)

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